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Health and Safety at Work

Battery Care and Maintenance
Correct care and maintenance of a traction and / or power batteries can ensure best use, longevity and efficiency are achieved. With the cost of an average forklift battery being a third of a new trucks purchase price it makes sense to look after this investment as well as the safety of operators who will be exposed to battery acid, possible electrocution etc. A correctly cared for traction battery will give good service for 20 years, an abused battery will often expire just after the warranty period.


Falls from Vehicles / Working at Height
In the UK 1000’s are seriously injured every year as a result of falling from a vehicle. Many of these injuries are broken arms or legs. Some are more serious injury’s and some result in Death! Within Hire, and the diversity if the operations, the most common area of the vehicle for people to fall from is the load area, followed by entering / exiting the cab. You don’t have to fall far to land hard! Working At Height applies equally to working on a vehicles / trailers etc. In law, work at height means ‘work in any place where a person could fall a distance likely to cause personal injury if no precautions are taken.


Fire Safety Level 1 and Level 2 NVQ
Delivered as a half-day workshop for individuals who wish to increase their awareness of fire safety in the worksplace, or as a full-day course for Fire Wardens / Fire Marshalls. The learning ranges between basic fire safety principles through to fire safety laws, inspections, risk assessments and roles and responsibilites.


First Aid at Work Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ
The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require all employers to ensure employees receive immediate attention if injured at work. These courses are designed for individuals who wish to act as an emergency first aider in their workplace. Offered as a one-day course covering essential skills for emergency situations, or a 3-day workshop where, in addition to the essentials, learners will be given an understanding of a range of injuries and treatments.


Mental Health First Aid (2 Days)
The two-day mental health first aid course is for those wanting to become a certified mental health first aider for their organisation. Certificate holders will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health illnesses and effectively guide a colleague towards the right support. It is recommended an organisation has a similar number of mental health first aiders to medical first aiders, ideally a different individual providing further resilience for colleagues in the workplace.


Hire Procedures (Practical Applications)
This course will enable staff and supervisors to complete the checks and basic maintenance required to ensure equipment is supplied in an as new condition, in addition the course will include practical elements relating to the correct procedures for compliance in respect of the equipment within the Hire fleet.


Health and Safety in Equipment Hire (Awareness)
The hire industry by its nature and operations probably has a higher Health & safety compliance requirement than almost other industries. With most hire companies you deal with both the general public and business to business clients who by their variance of operations can have a working environment from public events, to major construction sites and private houses. The hire industry must ensure that its hire fleet is supplied in an as new condition. This course will give both staff and management an overview of their responsibilities and the systems and policies in place to ensure compliance.



Technical and Practical

Abrasive Wheels
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the Abrasive Wheels regulations and the hire of this equipment under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Instructing delegates in all aspects of correct hire procedures, basic maintenance, service inspections, pre and off hire checks, recording requirements and the correct mounting, setting and use of Abrasive Wheels.


Cabinet and Forced Air Heaters
Based on the LPGA GN2 (Cabinet Heater Servicing), the HSE L56 (Gas Systems & Appliances) and the Gas Safety Regulations this course is designed to encompass the requirements for tool hire companies to supply equipment in a safe ‘as new’ condition. By the end of the course delegates will have an understanding of the regulations and legal obligations, demonstrate knowledge and practical application of machine cleaning and inspection and examine & test heaters for safety.


Cartridge and IC Fixing Tools
As well as being one of the mainstay tools for construction, this type of equipment is becoming more & more popular through the success of TV DIY & gardening programmes, however this can also be one of the more dangerous pieces of hire equipment, these versatile tools have particular properties that require very thorough examinations and testing. This course is designed to instruct delegates in all aspects of the correct preparation, testing and hiring of this equipment.


Electrical (PAT) Testing
This is now covered in Module 1 of our ServiceTech Programme.


Lifting Equipment - Hire
The hire of lifting equipment has additional legislative requirements, LOLER regulations play a major part in this in addition to legislation that applies across all hire equipment. This course is designed to enable hire staff to identify safe and unsafe equipment, carry out basic maintenance, undertake pre and off hire checks of basic lifting equipment and complete recording systems as appropriate. This includes engine hoists, materials elevators, plasterboard lifters, load lifters, slings, chains, small manual cranes, block & tackle etc.


Manual Handling
This fully certificated course is designed to instruct hire staff in the correct and safe methods of manual handling for the hire environment. The nature of the hire industry is different to any other in respect of manual handling and different techniques for handling equipment is paramount. On site course will be tailored to the working environment, as well as the specific programme as described in the Manual Handling regulations.


Safe Storage, Handling and Transporting of LPG
This course is designed to encompass the myriad of legislation applying to the safe handling; storage and transportation of LPG in cylinders for the hire industry. Based on the LP Gas Associations (LPGA) codes of practice 7 and 27. LPGA Code 7 covers the storage of cylinders and updates and merges three training bases, all of which are now superseded. LPGA Code 27 has been drawn up in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive. It takes account of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 1996 which came into force on the 1st September 1996 with amendments in 1998 and 1999 and other relevant legislation.


Small Plant Hire
The hire of small plant has particular requirements as this equipment is used by a wide spectrum of users. This course is designed to enable hire staff to inspect, test and record the safety of small plant. This includes mini dumpers, skip loaders, driven barrows etc.




Harness Inspection - Hire
This course is designed to instruct Hire delegates in the correct inspection regime and methods of inspecting safety harnesses and associated equipment across differing environments for working at height, as an in company appointed person. The Course is specifically designed for any person who is involved with hiring out this, and the associated equipment.


Safe Hire Of Ladders and Low Level Staging
To train hire staff in the correct procedures for the safe hire of Ladders and Low Level Staging within the PUWER regulations, Working at Height Regulations and to Industry Lead Body requirements for compliance at all levels.

This course can be incorporated with the Access Tower Hire course and full operator training is also available.



Transport and Plant

Mobile Plant Loading & Transporting - Small and Large Equipment
Many fatal accidents have occurred within the Hire Industry related to the transporting of mobile plant. This course is designed to teach delegates the correct procedure for the safe loading securing and unloading of mobile plant found in hire. Loading and unloading refers to placing the plant on to an articilated trailer or transporter vehicle, transporting the plant and removing it from the trailer / transporter safely. This course includes basic operator handling skills, pre and off hire inspection, hire documentation and recording procedures for the plant in question.


Forklift Operator
Fully accredited and approved training courses for forklift operator training and certification. Our operator course range includes conversion (From one truck type to another), attachment (specific to the attachment being used), specific load handling, fridge / freezer operating, off=shore operating etc. Information on this course is extensive, please contact us for further details.


Loading and Securing
To establish and develop the candidates appreciation and knowledge of Health & Safety with a deeper understanding within those areas relevant to the safe loading securing and transportation of hire equipment. Incorrectly loaded vehicles are not only unsafe, but can lead to damaged vehicles, injured staff and of course breaches of the road traffic act especially insecure load.


Slinger / Banksman / Signaller
Slinging Hire Equipment requires particular skills due to the nature of the equipment being lifted. This course is designed to instruct candidates in the correct and safe methods of slinging loads for a range of Hire equipment and ensuring communication between banksman and lifter to LOLER & PUWER Regulations.