Credit Services

In today's commercial landscape, staying informed with up-to-date industry-specific credit information and access to the right credit management tools are essential for businesses looking to grow.

It enables businesses to make informed decisions, reduce bad debt exposure, and optimise their credit policies to support sustainable growth. Access to an effective debt recovery solution that understands your industry and works closely with your company can be instrumental in increasing cash flow.

HAE EHA works with Top Service, a strategic partner for your business that employs industry-specific knowledge, customised approaches, ethical practices, and persistence to recover outstanding debts while preserving your business relationships whenever possible.

Many HAE EHA members work with Top Service and have access to these benefits:

For tools, plant and equipment hire businesses, Top Service offers a seven day free trial of their industry-specific credit information and debt recovery services.

Top Service Free Trial

If you're already a HAE EHA member and want to benefit from using Top Service, contact their team of experts by calling 01527 518800.

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