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Waste Services

HAE EHA Waste Services is a new, dedicated collection and recycling service available for association members.

GAP Group North East Limited was founded in 2005. The business is based at two sites in Gateshead. It has six divisions including: GAP Waste Management (electrical and battery collection and recycling), GAP Polymers (plastic recycling), GAP ICE (fridge recycling) and GAP Renew (electrical products reuse). GAP has its own national haulage business with a fleet of varying sized collection and delivery vehicles.

The business prides itself on its service levels, value for money approach for customers and compliance with environmental regulations. GAP has been collecting and recycling WEEE and Batteries for nearly 20 years. It operates in the compliance sector working with Producer Compliance Schemes and with a wide range of business types including manufacturers, retailers, national chains and hire companies.

Working with GAP means that HAE EHA Waste Services will have national coverage for the collection of all types of wastes. The main areas of waste collection and processing that can be handled are:

  • Electrical Waste including cables, power tools, compressors, white goods and industrial equipment.
  • All types of batteries including lithium ion, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and other chemistries.
  • Chemicals, paints and oily rags.
  • Metals, plastics, glass, dry mixed recyclables and general waste.
  • Tyres and hazardous wastes of all kinds.
  • Heavy investments have been made in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure waste is treated correctly and in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All recycling is done in-house, in the most economic and efficient way providing excellent service at value for money prices for members.

    How to Access HAE EHA Waste Services

  • • The waste/materials that you need help with
  • • Volumes and frequency of collection
  • • And locations from which collection(s) are required