News Item: HAE EHA Releases Updated Electrical Safety Testing Code of Practice

HAE EHA has published a revised version of its Guidance on Electrical Safety Testing in the Hire Industry, to support hire organisations in safely conducting the appropriate combined inspection and testing procedures to all electrical equipment and appliances to be hired to the general public or businesses.

The latest version of this Code of Practice has been brought up-to-date with current regulations and provides informative illustrations to guide workshop operatives. Key updates were largely made to ‘Section 6 - Procedures for in-service inspection and testing’, and they include: 

  • recommended test procedures for both Class I and Class II equipment updated with easy to follow flow charts 
  • useful illustrations with reference to the each of the test scenarios including:
    • Earth Continuity Test (Class I)
    • Insulation Resistance Test (Class I and Class II)
    • Protective Conductor Current Measurement (Class I)
    • Touch Current Measurement
    • Flash Test (Withstand Voltage Test)
  • further detail in relation to residual-current device (RCD) testing, including current and maximum allowable trip times according to BS EN 61008
  • information and illustrations of visual inspection failures

Carl Bartlett, Director of Certification Services said: “Our electrical safety testing guidance was first published in 2012 and it is crucial to keep these Codes of Practice updated. Working with the HAE EHA Technical Health and Safety Panel and experts from member organisations like Seaward, I’m pleased to say we now have a fully updated and valid code of practice to support our members.”

To obtain a copy of this and other HAE EHA Codes of Practice, which cover protection from noise, dust, and safe handling of LPG, visit the Members Area of the website. You will require your member username and password, if you don’t know this information please contact us on 0121 380 4600 or email