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News Item: The Power of Events First Research App Pilot Project Commissioned by University of Northampton and Claire Drakeley

The Power of Events, in collaboration with Claire Drakeley of the University of Northampton, is proud to announce the deployment of a pioneering pilot research project through the recently launched Events Industry Insight App. This marks the very first research project deployed through the app, aiming to delve into the realm of decision-making within the event industry.

Commencing from the 22nd of May, this pilot research project will unfold fortnightly until mid-July. Each deployment will take less than five minutes to complete, providing industry professionals with an accessible opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research. Users of the Events Industry Insight App will receive timely notifications, alerting them to the availability of the research on their app. To receive these alerts all users must ensure their notifications are switched on and the app is up to date.

The research, spearheaded by Claire Drakeley, seeks to address the challenging issue of ad-hoc and subjective decision-making processes prevalent within the event management sphere. Often relying on intuition, decision-making during live event operations poses significant challenges and risks, encompassing safety, financial, reputational, and operational ramifications.

Recognising the imperative for transparent, robust decision-making, particularly in crisis situations, this ambitious research aims to illuminate and refine the on-site capabilities within the events industry. Through meticulous analysis and insightful inquiry supported by The Power of Events and The Events Industry Insight App, the research aims to foster a culture of mitigating risks and enhancing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

This research is made possible by the Events Industry Insight App, the first digital app tool available for all commissioners of research in the UK Events Industry. It has already received over 1000+ registrations from individuals and organisations and is accessible to all industry professionals as a free download. The app serves as a conduit for knowledge exchange, collaboration and research dissemination across all seven sectors of the UK Events Industry. By placing this invaluable resource in the hands of event professionals nationwide, the app empowers researchers and the event community to foster understanding, value and respect for the UK Events Industry as a whole.

“We believe that by helping the industry researchers and event professionals harness their collective wisdom and expertise within the industry, we can support them in driving meaningful change and elevate the standard of decision-making processes,” commented Rick Stainton, Founder of The Power of Events. “Through the Events Industry Insight App, we aim to facilitate a culture of insight sharing and cross sector collaboration using a 21st century digital toolx.”

As the research unfolds, all industry stakeholders are encouraged to download and register on the Events Industry Insight App to stay informed and engaged. Additionally, those interested in commissioning their own research projects are invited to reach out to to explore collaborative opportunities.

To get involved in the Events Industry Insight App, download from the Google Play or Apple App Store and register today.

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