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News Item: The New Hire Association Website is Live!

HAE EHA is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new website, with a fresh new look and much more modern feel. Working with a new partner, Fantastic Media, the new web pages went live on Monday 8th of April, and featured as part of speeches at the opening of the Hire Awards of Excellence which took place the following weekend.

The new site will feature more video and interactive content than previously, serve as hub for member information and resources, and will make it far easier to make contact with key people via live chat and enquiry forms.

Paul Gaze CEO said, “Delivering services for members and keeping up to date with technology is often a challenge in the fast moving commercial environment. The role of trade associations to demonstrate how their members embody best practices and look to raise standards through embracing technology is key to this.

“After previously looking at updating our website and being unable to complete the journey we needed a plan and a partner to make this happen. We were delighted therefore to develop a relationship with Fantastic Media. With their support and through our Internal Marketing Group led by Stuart Tyrrell we have created a dynamic looking interactive website and platform to support members and highlight what the association and sector stands for”.

If you have any questions or need help locating information on the new site please contact us on 0121 380 4600 or send us an email.

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