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News Item: Site Life Gets a Whole Sight Easier

Welfare4Hire, the UK’s welfare unit specialists, has launched an innovative new Value Added Product service offering customers the option to purchase ‘ready to go’ consumable packages to ensure that their welfare units are delivered… ready to go.

Adam Dimmock, Managing Director at Welfare4Hire, explains: “With our new ready to go Value Added Product packages, our welfare units are delivered pre-equipped with any health and safety, housekeeping or other sundry consumables needed so they’re ready to use as soon as they land.

“Not only does this make it easier for site managers to ensure safety, comfort and compliance but, because site workers can start using the facilities immediately, it also reduces the delay (and associated costs) often seen between welfare units being delivered and becoming operational.

“Our Value Added Product service gives customers peace of mind that their welfare unit will already have everything they need on board, helping to make sure they get full use of every minute of their hire.

“It also means they only have to deal with one supplier with one purchase order and one invoice for everything they need, so it makes administration quicker and easier too. It’s a simple concept that will make a big difference to our customers”.

Welfare4Hire offer a standard range of popular consumable packages but can also create bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of any site.

Popular packages include:

  • Health and Safety: first aid kits, fire extinguishers, log books and HASAWA site signage 
  • Housekeeping: toilet rolls, hand soap, towels and anti-bac gel
  • Sundries: cutlery sets, stationery products and bottled water
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