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News Item: SafeHire Review Workshops a Positive and Worthwhile Exercise

As part of HAE EHA’s commitment to the continual improvement of the SafeHire Certification Scheme, five Review Workshops have been held throughout the year.

They included representatives from hire companies; small and medium-sized businesses, and national organisations.

The SafeHire Certification Scheme, since its creation in 2000 and throughout its development, has relied on input from equipment hire companies to ensure it remains relevant to the hire and rental sector.

SafeHire is what sets HAE EHA members apart from other hire companies, helping them achieve the highest standards of safety and risk management, and improved service delivery levels for customers and end users.

The workshops aimed to explore ways of improving the way desktop and on-site audits are carried out, streamlining where possible and ensuring a continually positive experience for the hire companies that are subject to the process.

Carl Bartlett, Director of Certification Services said: “The desktop audit question set has been completely reviewed with the intention of improving the audit experience for member organisations as well as the SafeHire Audit team. The review process has identified that making the desktop audit questions available to members in advance of the auditor’s attendance and providing an overview of each audit criteria question along with examples of supporting evidence that members can upload ahead of the actual audit date will be of significant benefit to both members and auditors.

“Incorporating mutual recognition of international standards, as well as associated elements of the common assessment standard criteria will also reduce the duplicatiuon of effort that members are all too familiar with when completing various assessments and prequalification questionnaires.

“We are greatly appreciative of the positive feedback received during and after the consultation meetings with member organisations held between July and October. The responses and insights offered give us confidence in the proposed measures to improve the audit process and experience.”

For further information on SafeHire, please contact the Certification Services Team on 0121 380 4613.

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