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News Item: New Guidance Content Approved by the Technical Health and Safety Panel

HAE EHA’s Technical Health and Safety (THS) Panel is made up of HSEQ experts from member organisations, representatives from the Health & Safety Executive and the Hire Certification Services audit team.

The panel meets regularly to undertake reviews of HAE EHA Safety Guidance Leaflets and Codes of Practice Documents. At the most recent meetings some updates to a number of these documents were approved by the panel. 

These Safety Guidance Leaflets have been updated and are available now from HAE EHA Print on Demand:

  • 1903 Mini Excavator
  • 1902 Small Dumper
  • 0101 Plate Compactor – petrol
  • The following leaflets are currently under review and updated versions will be released soon:

    • 0506 Breaker – light/medium -110/230v
    • 1313 Dehumidifier 110/230v
    • New Safety Guidance Leaflets

      The THS Panel also supports the creation of new guidance when the need arises. As such, the following Safety Guidance Leaflets are under development and will be available in the Print on Demand portal soon:

      • 0138 Battery Powered Plate Compactor
      • 1800 Prop Pal Plus Needle System PP1800
      • 1624 Log Splitter Electric
      • 1625 Log Splitter Petrol
      • 1913 Tracked High Tip Dumper
      • 1610 Hedge Cutter Attachment
      • 0803 Moss Brush Battery
      • 0806 Moss Brush Petrol
      • 0821 Floor Sweeper Battery
      • 0822 Floor Sweeper Petrol
      • 0823 Floor Sweeper LPG
      • 0824 Floor Scrubber Dryer LPG
      • 0815 Hot Pressure Washer Petrol
      • 0816 Hot Pressure Washer Diesel
      • 1144 Cut-Off Saw Battery Powered
      • If you would like to find out more or sign up for HAE EHA Print on Demand, contact Kyrah Franklin on or 0121 380 4620.

        To find out more about the HAE EHA Technical Health and Safety Panel, including how to take part, please contact Carl Bartlett, Director of Certification Services on 0121 380 4604.

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