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  • Take away the need to use your own commercial insurance policy to cover short period hires
  • Ensure that you no longer need to take the risk that your customers insurance will actually pay out in the event of a loss ensuring you will receive any claims settlement directly
  • Speed up claims settlement through not having to rely on your customer’s insurance
  • A new insurance product, HireSecure, that protects the member business from loss or damage resulting from any short-termed hire.

    The addition of a simple loss or damage waiver to the standard HAE Terms and Conditions of Hire.

    • Accidental loss or damage anywhere in UK and Western Europe, including whilst in transit
    • Fraudulent hires, theft, vandalism/malicious damage
    • Owned and cross-hired equipment
    • Cover provided up to £100,000 any one claim, no single article limit
    • Whilst there will be exclusions, these will be replicated to your customer within the suggested Waiver wording.

      When your customer arranges a hire, they have the option of taking standard hire conditions or selecting a Loss & Damage Waiver (subject to an additional cost).

      By selecting the Waiver, the customer agrees to an alteration to the Terms & Conditions of Hire, which effectively removes most of the terms through which you would pursue them for recovery, following loss or damage to the equipment that you have hired to them.

      This is not an insurance product that the customer purchases but is a contractual arrangement which removes their responsibility in the event of loss or damage to the hired equipment.

      • No FCA Approval required (as you are not selling or arranging insurance)
      • No lengthy Administration, Regulatory processes, Mandatory training or Continuing Professional Development requirement
      • All Employees will be able to offer the Loss & Damage Waiver
      • Members will be supported with full training on HireSecure
      • Simple monthly submission of items hired under Waiver, and a monthly premium charged accordingly
      • Any loss or damage by customers to your equipment will not affect your own Business Insurance premiums
      • £100,000 Waiver to cover your hired out equipment gives you confidence that your insurance will provide cover to its full value, removing the worry of whether the customer’s insurance is sufficient
      • You are in control; you are not waiting on a customer’s insurer to deal with your claim
      • You avoid the administration of recovering the loss from your customer, which can affect your relationship, and is time consuming
      • The Policy will be in the name of the HAE member