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HAE EHA Utilities in partnership with Direct Business Solutions (DBS) wants you to save money on energy allowing your businesses to thrive. HAE EHA Utilities will achieve this by:

Saving Time

We find the right prices, sources of energy, and take care of the extensive paperwork leaving you to focus on the growth of your business; an stress-free process.

A dedicated account manager will take care of any problems or worries you may have during the set-up process and throughout your contract, to make sure you don’t have to put in any more thought than what is needed. No question or problem will be too much for them to handle.

Finding the Perfect Contract

Time is taken to find the right utilities contracts for your business. We constantly study the energy market, looking out for trends and drops/rises in price, and weigh up the pros and cons of each energy supplier, finding the right one for your requirements. All this thought and effort, and vast experience in the energy industry creates a contract perfectly suited for your business.


The perfect energy contract wouldn’t be complete without the energy supplier coming from a renewable source. The benefits of renewable energy suppliers can include lower energy bills and exemption from the Climate Change Levy. Also, operating your business in a more ethical and sustainable way will attract more customers, increasing your income.

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