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News Item: Public Affairs Update; General Election Called and Full Expensing Update

General Election 2024

The Prime Minister has called a General Election for Thursday 4th July. This session of Parliament will be formally ended (dissolution) on 30th May so any urgent business will be concluded by Friday 24th May, when the King will prorogue Parliament.

The new MPs will meet on Tuesday 9th July to elect a Speaker and be formally sworn/affirmed to their roles.

HAE EHA will continue to review announcements and policies made by the parties and highlight any that are of direct interest to the hire sector.

Full Expensing

HAE has joined with CPA colleagues to write to senior Labour shadow ministers about Full Expensing (FE). We are seeking a commitment from Labour to extend FE to assets purchased for hire purposes.

Although the current Government has accepted the need to extend FE, they have refused to say exactly when it would be brought in. Meanwhile, we are working with officials to determine the most effective way of addressing technical issues to ensure FE has the maximum positive impact for the hire sector.

This follows our extensive campaign to secure FE for the hire sector and provide officials with background information about how this would benefit the wider economy and inject further pace into decarbonisation. Following the announcement of a General Election HAE and CPA aim to highlight the issues with the Labour treasury and business teams as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about these updates, other areas of politics or our lobbying work, contact Public Affairs Manager Mark Bradshaw on 0121 380 4621.

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