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News Item: HAE EHA Accident and Incident Reporting Portal

The Hire Association established its Accident and Incident Reporting Portal to support members and the industry by sharing accident trends, statistics, risks and significant findings.

The aim is that collectively the sector can learn and determine appropriate measures to improve safety and wellbeing in plant, tool, equipment and event hire.

To that end we are reaching out to all members to encourage supporting our industry’s best interests by uploading relevant information relating to accidents and incidents. This data will be analysed at the end of each month in order that we can work towards raising and improving safety standards and reduce workplace injuries.

In order to dispel some of the concerns surrounding the provision of accident and incident information we have answered some key questions below:

Q. Why upload accident and incident information?

A. Analysing the accident and incident data will assist the association in working with its members to identify trends, the scale of the issues, provide more accurate statistics for our sector and assist in determining appropriate measures to prevent recurrences.

Q. What happens to the accident and incident information once it has been uploaded?

A. The data is held securely with restricted access and anonymised for the purpose of analysis.

Q. Will the data be shared with anyone outside of the Hire Association?

A. The data itself will not be shared outside of the Hire Association and we will collate the information to provide statistics. Accident and incident circumstances and trends identified will be reviewed by the HAE EHA Technical Health and Safety Committee to determine measures to improve Health, Safety and Wellbeing in our sector. This may be in the form of safety and technical bulletins, best practice guidance, codes of practice, training initiatives, safety campaigns, or simply alerts in HAE EHA news articles.

Q. Will any of the accident and incident information held on the portal be communicated with regulatory or enforcement bodies?

A. No. The data collected within the portal is solely for the benefit of association members for reasons identified above and not for regulators to enforce against.

Q. What accident and incident data should be provided in the portal?

A. Details of all work-related accidents and incidents including near miss occurrences (excluding vehicle road traffic accidents) which will assist in the filtering of the relevant and irrelevant accident and incident information. Report all accidents and incidents whether you feel it is relevant or not. This will help us build the best picture possible using the entirety of the data received.

HAE EHA would be grateful for any assistance in supporting this initiative, working with member organisations to produce more accurate and relevant sector specific accident statistics to assist in raising awareness of trends, significant findings and determining effective measures to make positive changes throughout the sector.

How to Report

It is advisable to have a nominated senior person within your organisation, and perhaps someone appointed to deputise where necessary. Information entered into the database will be kept confidential and will be used strictly for the purposes of analysis and improving safety.

A monthly reminder will be emailed to all members to submit their accident and incident data on the portal.

To access the portal:

  • Login to the Members’ Area of the website, your username and password will be required
  • Click on the Accident Reporting Portal.
  • Complete the fields within the accident and incident reporting portal
    • If you have several reports to log follow the instructions and email the details to us
    • Sign up to our Newsletter