Andrew Fishburn

Andrew Fishburn, Divisional Managing Director, Snorkel UK

Standing for Election to the EHA EHA Supply Chain Board 2021

Who am I…

My 15-year career in engineering with experience on mobile cranes, heavy plant and access equipment commenced in 1977.

I started selling lifting gear in 1986, then progressed into metals in the petrochem and engineering environments moving up into management. 

Entering the powered access market in 1991 as dealer manager for Instant Zip Up, then moving to JLG Industries, this commenced an 11-year career that progressed into senior management. I managed to become one of the top 5 highest performing salespeople in JLG history at that time & Headed up European marketing & helped implement the global strategic plan taking the business from $290m - $850m.Druing this time I formed Spirit Network Ltd (my consulting business). 

In 2004 I joined a management team and successfully completed an £11.6m MBI of Independent Access Ltd. This business was a turnaround and in June 07 we sold to Lavendon PLC and returned £2.5m profit for the directors, shortly after we set up Aerial Investments ltd, which developed a unique low level access machine.

I joined Snorkel UK early 2016 where I began a turnaround of its UK sales business, during my time in the business sales, GM and market share have risen significantly and I now responsible for the EMEA strategic accounts.

I still consult under the Sprit Network brand and continue offer specialist training packages & management expertise.

What I think I can bring to the board and members:

  • I am a true well rounded, highly experienced and adaptable business leader with real world turnaround capabilities
  • Understand products and have a high degree of technical knowledge that I am able to associate with real world applications
  • Successfully managed both corporate and SME turnarounds and have successfully ran my own consulting business for over 25 years
  • Above all I believe a real people person, process & system driven with a passion for team development and able to motivate others