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Leadership in Management Residential Programme

Course Overview
Leadership in Management is a 5 and a half day residential programme designed to create an intense and immersive environment by exposing participants to ever increasing complex and challenging situations. Throughout the week, the programme encourages delegates to give and receive open and honest feedback, enabling real learning and growth.

Upcoming Programmes and Dates
To book or register your interest please complete the form below. A maximum of three candidates from one company are allowed to attend each intake, and training will take place on the following dates:

  • Monday 21st to Saturday 26th March 2022 *FULL*
  • Monday 25th to Saturday 30th April 2022 *FULL*
  • Monday 27th June to Saturday 2nd July 2022

Location: The Royal Lodge, Symonds Yat East, South Herefordshire, HR9 6JL

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Leadership in Management

At the heart of all our leadership development programmes is the fundamental belief that in order to lead others, you must first know yourself. Become a confident, strategic leader with Leadership Trust's flagship intensive residential programme.

Leadership in Management is for:

  • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    Have greater self-awareness, resilience, and confidence. Understand your own personal power and harness it to lead
  • Creating stronger, more agile teams
    Create greater collaboration, assembling teams with a stronger purpose and vision. Encourage ambition, galvanising leaders to innovate, think bigger and beyond themselves
  • Team building
    Learn about team dynamics and how to communicate effectively with different personality types

How does the course work?
Under pressure, default behaviours occur. The Leadership in Management programme will enable participants to have the opportunity to experience and observe how the behaviour of others impacts them. Throughout the programme, delegates will receive direct and honest feedback from their peers, and will be able to take away key learnings which can be applied in their personal and professional lives alike.

Completely Experiential
We do not teach, we engineer experiences that reflect key challenges leaders will face in the workplace. The programme is demanding, and is focused on developing self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence. Individuals learn about the importance of knowing and controlling themselves before they can effectively lead others. As a result, the programme will:

  • Stretch participants within a psychologically safe learning environment which enables them to understand themselves, the impact they have on others, and how they react to each other under business pressures
  • Challenge participants to identify more effective ways of working together so they can discover the change(s) they need to make in their behaviour.

Participants have the luxury of time to explore the root causes of these behaviours, supported by a delivery team including a course director and coach / facilitators. Most importantly, participants are supported by their group members to allow for the development of open relationships, based on trust.

What’s Included?

Accommodation and All Meals
The programme is worth £4,200 per delegate but HAE EHA has funding available* for 5 women in hire who are looking to become confident, strategic leaders and looking to develop their career in the hire industry. This course is aimed at someone who is a well-established manager working in the hire industry but is looking to progress into a senior management role.

* We have now filled all five funded places so bookings taken at this time are charged at full cost.

360 Leadership Audit and Pre-Programme Feedback Session
The 360 leadership audit assessment process helps to give a full picture of an individual’s leadership performance. Feedback is requested from a range of people, from both inside and outside your organisation, including co-workers, managers, direct reports and external contacts. The process aims to identify the leadership behaviour, strengths and development needs of individuals.

Pre-Programme Briefing
Call before the programme to ensure the delegate is prepared and has everything they need. Feedback from the 360 Leadership Audit is given by a trained Leadership Trust 360 facilitator. The facilitator helps the delegate to interpret the report and guide them to set their own pre-course learning objectives.

Post programme Coaching Session
One-to-one follow up coaching session over the phone.

CITB Grants and Funding Explained

There is £4200 available in funding for five people to enrol on the programme.

* We have now filled all five funded places so bookings taken at this time are charged at full cost.

If you’d like further information on up-skilling your workforce, please contact us on 0121 380 4617 or by e-mail training@hae.org.uk.