HAE EHA V-Hire, takes safety guidance and equipment competence checks to a new level using latest hi-tech Virtual Reality. 

V-Hire currently with its 19 modules covering topics such as Working at Height, LPG and Electrical Safety, the Dangers of Dust as well as numerous equipment tutorials; a variety of saws, compactors, drills, and generators. Training modules are designed to test the user’s understanding of the workplace and tool safety, and will help to make customers safer, and reduce risk of injury and damage to equipment.  Future development for new modules include a framework for members to track users access and performance.

The technology can be used on mobile phones with VR capability; V-Hire has been developed using Samsung Oculus and Google’s Android system.

Click here for further details and instructions on how to download and set-up the V-Hire app for your staff and teams.

If you have any questions contact us on +44 (0) 121 380 4617 or email training@hae.org.uk.