Sector Specific Training Plans

In August 2016 the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) launched the pilot for a new funding programme called the Sector Specific Training Plan or SSTP. The aim of this plan is to provide additional funding for CITB registered companies operating in specialist construction sectors - of course this includes hire!

This new programme aims to incentivise in areas where there is a skills shortage by doubling the standard daily grant rate to £100. Employers who take part in the project will be also paid a 10% Supplementary Payment (if eligible), so the daily grant payment will therefore be £110.

Four of HAE's training and qualification programmes have been made eligible for additional funding, these are:

  • Selling to the Core (Hire Desk Sales Training Programme)
  • Level 2 ServiceTech Equipment Training Programme
  • Level 3 Management & Leadership Programme
  • Level 5 Management & Leadership Programme*

* in its pilot stage, the first intake started in September 2016

Numerous HAE members are CITB registered and as such are eligible for this funding, and we have attempted to contact them individually. If you aren’t sure whether you are registered or eligible for the grant, but you make extensive use of training services, then we advise you to enquire about SSTP funding.

Grant claims may be backdated to the 1st of August 2016 for companies with delegates registered on any of the four courses named above. To find out more or register for the programme please visit this page on the CITB website. Full instructions on how to claim against this new grant are available here.