Top Service News - Week 4

Important Information

We would be interested to hear from any members who have been recently been approached by or are currently dealing with the following subjects:

  • Peter Greenhalgh t/as Central Drilling Services (CDS) - Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire
  • Ventcrest Ltd. - Manchester / Greater London
  • Middlecombe Ltd. - Kent

Further Important Information

We have received the following important information from Susan Garland, Company Secretary & Director of Elvington Holdings Ltd:

A couple of years ago, we had problems whereby Elvington Plant Hire’s website was cloned and person/persons unknown in Europe were selling 2nd hand machinery abroad under our name.

It has been brought to our attention today that again, our details are being used in this regard, in that they are using the name of Tim Garland (our Director), under a website : which carries a York telephone number, obviously nothing to do with us. If you click on the website it says something like “under maintenance”.

It was brought to our attention by a company in Germany called “Baupool” who are similar to Autotrader” and the lady there was alerted by the fact that something the fraudster had for sale was well under value.

We also received a telephone call today from a possible purchaser from Germany, checking out if we were

They are using false Certificates of Incorporation and VAT Registration which they are using as identity.

To deal with the problem, we are making contact with Trading Standards Department who deal with these kind of matters, as merely reporting it to Action Fraud is an absolute waste of time.

Thanks for any help you can give.

If you need to reach Susan at Elvington Holding to discuss this matter you can do so on 01759 388899.

For further information on any of the above please contact the helpdesk team on 01527 518800 or email