Stay Up To Date with Safety Guidance

When it comes to keeping you and your customers safe, we know how important it is that you provide the most up to date help and information. It’s normal to offer short kit demonstrations at the point of hire, as well as providing some written instructions or guidance; often a HAE EHA Safety Guidance Leaflet tied to the kit in a plastic wallet, or printed and handed to the customer together with the hire contract.

Our range of Safety Guidance Leaflets is kept up to date by constant liaison with kit manufacturers, Technical Health and Safety panels as well as agencies like The British Standards Institute (BSi) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Over the years their influence, and the new information they often bring to light concerning changes to law or regulation enables us to keep our guidance documents up to date and relevant. As such, when needed we will recall or amend certain Safety Guidance Leaflets or produce Codes of Practice to help you stay on top of compliance, and protect your customers to the best of your ability.

If you aren’t sure whether you are providing the latest HAE EHA Safety Guidance at the point of hire, what follows are a some tips so you can be sure.

Most obvious will be the colour of the Safety Guidance Leaflets, the most up to date versions are in our current HAE and EHA colours. If you still hold any stock of the old dark green or black leaflets these date back as far as year 2000 and as such the information on them should be considered obsolete.

The other check to make is the version number as shown. Since Autumn 2016 all Safety Guidance Leaflets have been revised to include a reference number which is essentially the month and year they were last updated. The top banner will also indicate, how equipment is fuelled or powered i.e. petrol, diesel, or if electric 110, 230/240v.

The version numbers of each leaflet are now shown when you order from the website, so if you order using our Direct service it may be useful to check these against your current stock so you can be sure you always have the latest versions.

Lastly some major changes to regulation have occurred within the last 12 months which led to two major revisions to the leaflets in order to remain compliant with HSE regulations:

  • All leaflets relating to tools with internal combustion engines (and therefore produce Carbon Monoxide) were revised with new instructions concerning use indoors or in  enclosed non-ventilated spaces
  • All leaflets relating to construction dust, or equipment which could produce it were revised advising all dust masks should be fitted with a respirator which provides a minimum FFP3 protection level

The latest of these revisions were incorporated into the Safety Guidance Leaflet range in April 2017 so as of then *all* documents are fully up to date with current regulation and legislation.

HAE EHA Members who use Direct, or especially Print on Demand, can be sure that they always have the most up to date and valid safety information and guidance available at the point of order. Print on Demand users can download the Safety Guidance Leaflets live at the point of hire guaranteeing they always provide the most current and up to date versions to their customers.

If you aren’t sure if your stock of safety leaflets falls within current regulation and legislation you can contact the team on 44 (0)121 380 4620 or

Information and the full range of Safety Guidance Leaflets and other useful printed products can be found by visiting the website at

In the meantime we hope your team and your customers remain safe and informed.