Programme For Government / Refocus of the Economic Strategy - Call For Evidence

The Department for the Economy (DfE) has today launched a Call for Evidence on the refocus of the Northern Ireland Economic Strategy (NIES). The comments received in response to this call for evidence document will inform the development of the refocus of the Executive’s Economic Strategy.

As part of the engagement process to refocus the strategy DfE have held three workshops with businesses and business representative bodies, the Department’s Partner Bodies and with Local Councils. These workshops provided a good starting point in gathering views, however, it is important to build on this input to cover in detail the full range of issues affecting stakeholders.

It is currently planned to launch a draft refocused Economic Strategy alongside the PfG Delivery Plans in autumn 2016. Given these timescales, it may not be possible to undertake further engagement meetings with all key stakeholders in time to inform development of the consultation document, but it is imperative to garner views from around the industry to allow these to be reflected ahead of the formal consultation.

The Call for Evidence provides a timely opportunity for companies to provide views and shape the refocused Economic Strategy. It contains a number of questions which have been designed to provide a structure for the submission of views. DFE will welcome views submitted on any aspect of the Economic Strategy, in any format.

The Call for Evidence document is available to view or download here, or from the Department’s website at

Copies can also be delivered by post by contacting Susanne McAllister on 44 (0)2890 529478.

In addition to the Call for Evidence, there will be opportunity for companies to provide views during further engagement events at a later stage in the development process, following the launch of the public consultation.

Responses to the consultation should be sent by email to or in writing to Economic Strategy Branch, DFE, Netherleigh, Massey Avenue, Belfast, BT4 2JP.

The closing date for receipt of responses to the consultation is 5.00pm on Friday 19th August.