PRESS RELEASE: SafeHire 2017 Working Group

The latest version of SafeHire, which is currently being adopted by all members before the end of 2017, was originally developed and written in 2010. As most members will understand there has been legislative changes over that period, the adoption of international standards and the introduction of a myriad of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ).

HAE EHA has a stated objective of trying to simplify the PQQ process and to reduce the bureaucratic burden and cost of PQQs on its members. At the same time we are working with our members to improve standards across the industry and to enhance the reputation of the sector.

Consequently, we are pleased to announce that the 2010 version of SafeHire is to undergo a major review which will commence on 16 January 2017. HAE EHA has acquired the services of an independent Chair to lead the review who has a long history and worldwide experience of standards.

The Chair will be Dr Brian Pearson, who has PhD in Chemistry and following a career in the Food Industry working for international companies formed Aspects International Ltd, a consultancy company specialising in environmental management systems implementation and auditor training.  He also formed Aspects International Certification Ltd, a certification body accredited with UKAS for certification of environmental management systems.  This became a part of Moody International Certification Ltd and Brian worked as the International Corporate Manager for Moody responsible for UKAS accreditations throughout the world.  He updated the operating systems of that certification body to cover numerous standards in a unified system.  Brian has travelled the world undertaking certification assessments of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  

The objective of the review is to ensure that SafeHire remains up to date, fit for purpose, and relevant to all members regardless of size. Brian and the Working Group will be focusing on the impact of the growth in the number of members that have already achieved certification to other standards, and how they can be encompassed within the SafeHire assessment. Additionally, we will be looking at the balance between documented systems and processes alongside the importance of product safety and maintenance.

To ensure a smooth and timely process we will be limiting the Working Group to 10 members who can demonstrate the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience in Quality, Environmental and H&S combined with a strong working knowledge of certification and assessment. We also need a balance of product knowledge covering Tools, Plant, Access, Power, Site Services, Portable Sanitation, Temporary Structures and all other Event related equipment.

If you are interested in helping your industry to progress and want to be part of this exciting review please forward a short submission outlining why you want to be involved and what you can bring to the group, please click here. The closing date for applications is 15 December 2016 and successful applicants will be informed 19 December 2016.