PRESS RELEASE: Rotation Damper Brake for Probst SG Grabs

The Probst Scissor grab SG range must be considered the bench mark for block grabs. To help lift un-palletised packs of blocks/bricks/kerbs etc. on sites up and down the country.  When in use on these sites, they are normally suspended off the front of a wheeled loader which helps to lift and move the grab and pack. At times when the grab is empty they have to be transported a small distance to pick up a new pack. When the ground is uneven, there has been the  possibility of the trip mechanism “tripping” and the grab closing in- as if it was grabbing a pack.

To help prevent this, and any possible damage that this jerking and grabbing could cause, we have developed a patented rotation break feature which works in slowing down the trip mechanism part of the grab. This is now a standard feature of our SG grabs, and it can also be retro fitted to older grabs.

With all Probst products being designed with safety in mind, this is now an extra feature which is there to help protect persons, and to help prevent damage to the grab itself.