PRESS RELEASE: Pramac Raises the Bar

New compact range additions aim to make retail, warehouse and depot operation

more efficient with new Lithium-Ion and performance battery technology

The iconic CX electric pallet truck range from Pramac will benefit from a series of updates aimed at delivering improved innovation and efficiency for companies looking for smoother, faster and space-saving pallet trucks. 

The CX12 and CX14 pallet trucks have been specifically redesigned to support industries from rail to retail with new configurations to include efficiency and easy operation within confined working areas.

Both products are available in Basic and Evo ranges and cover different types of use and weight.

The Basic version is equipped with starting type battery and incorporates a reliable DC drive system to offer value for money. The Evo version includes higher performing batteries and built for warehouse endurance and longer charge cycles. Incorporating the latest battery technologies, there is no loss in performance even with decreasing battery charge. Batteries on both the Basic and Evo ranges operate for longer and maintain performance even in cold store environments.

The two ranges offer the finest ergonomic designed for comfort and easy control. Safety push buttons with warning buzzers ensure safe operation whilst the turtle function is set to enable the pallet trucks to move in tight areas whilst the handle remains in upright position for manoeuvrability and supporting the Health and Safety needs of the operator.

Unlike traditional pallet trucks there are no hazardous emissions from gases, so warehouses do not need ventilated charging stations with separate battery rooms therefore improving warehouse space and ongoing management of the pallet truck fleet.

The Evo range will be available from early 2019 and products will benefit from a Performance Switch which will increase speed operation in a controlled way from 5 km/h to 6km/h. 

Pramac will also unveil a Lithium-Ion solution in the CX range which is also due to be released in January as warehouses and depot facilities turn towards more environmental and reliable products featuring the latest technologies. 

The Li-Ion CX range is developed with the same structure and designed to do exactly what a pallet truck should do. Yet by incorporating Lithium-Ion batteries delivers longer availability, increased service intervals and improved speeds to improve the everyday operation of the next generation pallet truck.

Paul Jones, National Handling Manager from Pramac said: “This sector is constantly evolving and with the emergence of new technologies such as Lithium-Ion along with improved and robust materials we are able to consistently update our ranges to ensure we offer the best solutions for our market- whatever the operator needs in their depots and warehouses.”

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