PRESS RELEASE: PANIU Partner With HAE On Crime Prevention In The Hire Industry

PANIU regularly work in partnership with hire companies and we advise on crime prevention and awareness. Organised criminal groups often impersonate legitimate companies in order to fraudulently hire equipment on an industrial scale. This method of crime has become more prevalent over the last two years, and PANIU are actively working to catch and disrupt criminal groups involved in this arena.

PANIU recently presented at the HAE convention in September 2016 to an audience of hire companies and industry representatives. PANIU then had the opportunity to answer questions and also address concerns and issues regarding crime that affect the industry. This was a very beneficial forum offered by the HAE, and a great way to reach a wider audience with regard to current crime trends and criminal behaviour.

PANIU look forward to continuing our partnership work with HAE, and we are grateful for their support.