PRESS RELEASE: Online shops for fake credentials passed off as a 'novelty'

A loophole in current legislation is allowing the trade of falsified documents on the basis that they are a novelty item. Using these services it's possible to create falsified utility bills, bank statements, payslips and even tax documents like P45 and P60.

Some organisations have gone so far as to create online shops, and have been allowed to persist in offering these services due to exceptions within the law covering the creation of false documents for theatrical, educational or novelty purposes. One such web-portal outlines the process for ordering false documents indicating how painstakingly accurate their products are, but at no time does it include any indication that buyers will be vetted before the falsified items are shipped. In short as long as you have the money you can falsify as many documents as you wish with no questions asked!

News of the availability of these services has reached the hire industry and we would like to remind our members that help is at hand. HAE EHA offers services which protect members from bad debt, theft and fraud, of particular relevance in this case are AdvancedCheck and ID Sentry.

These solutions, with their access to national databases, enable Hire Desk Operatives to vet the identity of visitors to your shops before you give away your valuable stock to potential criminals. For more information why not contact the team on 0121 380 4600 or visit these pages for further details: