PRESS RELEASE: New HAE EHA Supplier Members Aspen Fuel

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd are distributors of Aspen fuel in the UK. 

Aspen is a Swedish producer of specialist fuels for machinery which sets out to be better for man, machine and environment. The 2 most popular products are Aspen alkylate petrol which is designed for small petrol engines such as those found on garden machinery and power tools. It is available in a premixed 2-stroke blend and a straight 4-stroke blend designed as a replacement for unleaded petrol.

Aspen is sold pre-packaged in a UN approved containers through 400 garden machinery dealers and a few hire shops in the UK. We want to double this number to make this product much more accessible through the hire industry.

Aspen fuel is 99% cleaner in regard to the amount of hazardous hydrocarbons compared to regular pump fuel which makes a huge impact to the health/welfare of operators working in close proximity to petrol powered machines. A disc cutter which is a common item to be rented by a hire shop emits over 108 times more carcinogenic benzene emissions if run on regular unleaded petrol compared to Aspen.

Aspen also burns cleaner and the ready mixed 2-stroke blend means that optimum lubrication is always provided to the engines which extends service life. Aspen fuel also has a shelf life of 3-5 years compared to regular petrol which starts to deteriorate after as little as 30 days which can lead to expensive repairs.

Aspen fuel provides hire shops with another source of income as they can provide the right fuel along with machinery hires and at the same time guarantee that the operator and the machines are protected. In Europe, one chain of hire shops sell approximately 1 million litres of Aspen fuel a year which gives you a good idea of the potential in the UK.

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