PRESS RELEASE: Morris Site Machinery powers ahead with generator deal

The need for compact and fuel efficient generators to provide reliable emergency power in the communications industry has sealed a significant order for Morris Site Machinery.

Powertec Generators Ltd, based in Lanark, has bought 21 SMC Genpac10 generators to supply a client for back-up power to support national infrastructure in remote areas throughout the country.

The leading telecoms business has a number of remote sites which are at risk of power cuts caused by strong weather so temporary power supplies are essential for contingency planning.

Paul Younger, managing director of Powertec Generators, said: “Fuel consumption was an important factor in my purchasing decision. The generators need to run for a long time – in excess of 24 hours – because of the time it may take to get to outlying areas. So I needed generators that had an auto start facility, bunded fuel tank, lightweight and mounted onto trailers to take to site.”

His further requirements for a UK manufacturer with good lead times, a competent and knowledgeable UK service team and a competitive price, led him to Morris Site Machinery and the SMC brand.

Paul added: “The generators will be taken to a variety of sites but because of the nature of the work some may not be put to use straight away but need to be there as a back-up reliable source. It was vital that the product we chose was really reliable and could kick-in when required.”

The SMC Genpac10 generator is a compact and robust 8kVA single phase generator which was developed to meet demand for a smaller machine which delivers power and improved efficiency. It has a long run fuel tank that can run for 75 hours at 75% load and has a 1500rpm Kubota water cooled diesel engine which is recognised for its world class reliability.

The Genpac10 is sturdy too with Zintec coated mild steel to protect against corrosion. It weighs 489kg dry and 630kg when fully fuelled.

Kenny McKay, Scotland sales executive, said:  “We are rightly proud of our market leading products and we put great emphasis on customer service too. In Scotland we have enhanced our customer offer with a dedicated team which provide responsive and efficient support.

“Our customers can have direct access to the engineers and developers who built the machines which makes our products and service offer one of the most compelling in the market.”

Morris Site Machinery has operated in Scotland for more than 25 years. It moved from Perth to bigger premises in Stirling so it could hold a wider range of equipment and better workshop facilities.