PRESS RELEASE: Minister's Quit Over New Brexit Plan

After the Chequer's Cabinet 'awayday' last Friday, when the Prime Minister asked her colleagues to back her amended plan for negotiating trade matters with the EU, several ministers resigned, including both the Brexit and Foreign Secretaries. A mini-reshuffle has replaced them but the lingering antagonism between those who support the new plan and those wanting something else has come to the surface. Interestingly, the revised plan has not even been published. A White Paper is expected this week or next. Parliament goes into the Summer Recess towards the end of July and the PM and her team are probably hoping that no further high profile resignations occur. Commentators suggest that the publication of the formal document may act as a catalyst for further ministers to quit. The new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, may find it easier to work with No.10 and the officials working directly to the PM, as it is known that his predecessor had a difficult relationship with this core team. It's getting to the stage that even an hour is proving a long time in politics!

Resignations and Reshuffles

Theresa May has faced a swathe of Cabinet resignations. See them, alongside the subsequentreshuffle, in detail below:

  • Former Housing Minister Dominic Raab has replaced David Davis as the new Brexit Secretary
  • Former Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has replaced Boris Johnson as the newForeign Secretary.
  • Former Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Matt Hancock has replaced Jeremy Hunt as the new Health and Social Care Secretary.
  • Former Attorney General Jeremy Wright has replaced Matt Hancock as the new Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary.
  • Geoffrey Cox has replaced Jeremy Wright as the new Attorney General.
  • Justin Tomlinson has replaced Kitt Malthouse as the new Work and Pensions Minister.
  • Conor Burns has resigned as Principle Private Secretary to Boris Johnson.
  • Chris Green has resigned as Principle Private Secretary to the Department for Transport Ministerial Team.

The resignations come following the Chequers agreement, which Brexiteers foundunacceptable due to the proposed introduction of a "common rulebook" of regulations with the EU, making the UK what they believed to be a "rule taker" not a "rule maker".

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday stated Mr Johnson and Mr Davis had abandoned the Conservative "sinking ship" and that the move shattered the "illusion of unity"immediately following the Chequers Agreement.

Ms May is to Chair a meeting of her new Cabinet today. As further Ministerial resignations are expected in the coming days, the final make-up of the new Frontbench will undergo further alterations. It is noted the new Cabinet has (further) angered Brexiteers as it is now weighted with more Remain-voting Ministers than before.

However, it is reported that the Chair of the 1922 Committee (responsible for triggering Conservative leadership elections) Graham Brady has emphasised the 48 signatures required to trigger such an election have not yet been received.