PRESS RELEASE: Met Cyber Briefing

According to the National Cyber Crime Unit, part of the National Crime Agency, cybercrime is something that should be on everybody’s radar, in any organisation, and all businesses need to understand the massive scale of cybercrime. A spokesman stated “most businesses will have insurance against things like fire and burglary, which are statistically much less likely to happen than a cyber attack, and yet relatively few have well-developed incident response plans and effective backup and business continuity mechanisms in place, To view the full article click here

Top 10 biggest cyber attacks

This infographic details the top 10 data breaches and cybercrimes that have been reported. Not only does it highlight the impact on the effected organisations it also emphasises that however large an organisation, and the resources it has available, it is still vulnerable to cyber attack. With this is mind it is important to reiterate that allbusiness are targets for cyber criminals, however small or large they may be.

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New cyber security strategy between government and IT suppliers

The government has introduced stringent new responsibilities on IT suppliers in its latest cyber security strategy. The new strategy sets out dramatic policy changes which will subject companies supplying to the public sector to stricter cyber-related regulations, measure them on a cyber security grading system and actively test the supplier’s cyber security measures. This strategy will have significant impact on the governments IT suppliers and
those looking to tender in the future.

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The full Protect Briefing can be downloaded here.

The full Spear Phishing document can be downloaded here.