PRESS RELEASE: MCS Launches the RM Mobile app, the Depot Manager's pocket companion


MCS, the rental solution provider, will launch its latest RM Mobile ‘app’, which is set to become the Depot Manager’s perfect pocket companion.

‘RM Mobile’ is a handheld version of the MCS-rm Hire Management Solution that can be used on any mobile device and operating system, enabling Depot Managers to work on the move without needing to open a laptop or be tied to an office. It will be launched at the Executive Hire Show 2018 from February 7th-8th 2018.

With RM Mobile, managers will be able to use their mobile device to oversee the smooth running of the depot’s daily activities, ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely manner. They can access key customer information and perform essential tasks whether they are in the yard, the workshop, the warehouse or out visiting customers whilst still retaining a high level of productivity.

Capturing relevant data on the spot with RM Mobile means it will be saved with accurate details so that nothing gets lost. The RM Mobile app provides real-time information on your customers, contact details, equipment, quotes, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, workshop activity as well as your internal ‘actions’ list.

Nick Thomson, Sales Director for MCS, comments on the new product launch,

“With the increasing need to work on the move, Depot Managers using RM Mobile have the perfect opportunity to visit customers on site, safe in the knowledge that they can retrieve the customers’ history and open quotes, lookup past contracts as well as check current equipment specifications, availability and pricing. They can work on building sticky client relationships, without any perceived barriers or delays associated with more traditional working methods.”

The powerful aspect of RM Mobile is the integral ‘actions’ system which is common to all areas of the MCS-rm hire management solution. Actions allow depot staff to schedule tasks for the right departmental team member to meet customers’ needs. Managers can see and complete their own tasks, as well as schedule actions to others, irrelevant of which area of the business they work in. All completed actions are recorded leaving a full audit trail of who did what and when. Nick elaborates,

“Action management within RM Mobile enables hire businesses to co-ordinate all internal team activities to deliver their equipment and services on-time. All employees’ scheduled tasks will no longer be lost in individual emails or on post-it notes. Actions are stored safely in MCS-rm and can be shared with their mobile’s native calendar app. As actions are sorted by due date, you have every opportunity to exceed your customers’ expectations by engaging the most relevant employees.”

Nick summarises,

“Depot Managers have a huge part to play in the profitability of their company, ensuring internal activities happen on time and that invoices are paid. RM Mobile is a tool to deliver just that and you can maintain a consistently high standard of customer service.”