PRESS RELEASE: Makita Launch 36 Volt (Twin 18v) 180mm and 230mm Angle Grinders

  • Robust and powerful for industrial operations
  • Advanced electronics ensure optimum performance, machine and operator protection
  • Available as body only or with two 5.0Ah batteries and charger

Makita has introduced two heavy duty cordless angle grinders to its industrial range powered by twin 18v batteries to give 36v power to the brushless, high performance motor. These new cordless grinders deliver remarkable mains machine type performance with the added benefit of total manoeuvrability.

A host of new features, especially in the machine electronics, ensures maximum operating productivity and at the same time affords a high level of protection for the machine and the operator in tough industrial application.

The new Makita LXT 180mm DGA700 and 230mm DGA900 angle grinders are both powered by high torque Brushless motors that will run up to 7,800 rpm and 6,500 rpm respectively. Maximum wheel thickness can be 7.2mm for the DGA700 and 6.5mm for the DGA900.

Both high performance models feature the new Makita Active Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT) which shuts down the tool to protect the user if the rotation speed suddenly slows down.  Coupled with Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), which automatically changes the cutting speed according to working conditions, to ensure optimum operation and maximum delivery, there are no angle grinders currently on the market with greater intelligence.

In addition, both grinders include the well proven soft start system that reduces risk for torque twist on initial start-up, and the electronic current limiter that also shuts down the tool through the electric brake if the drive is snagged. These are coupled with the anti-restart function which requires that the control switch to be returned to the ‘off’ position and then back to ‘run’ before the grinder will activate.  Should the machine be left in the ‘on’ position when the batteries are removed for charging, the same safety system is triggered to prevent the machine from starting up automatically when the batteries are reconnected.

The new twin 18v Makita DGA700, weighing a comfortable 6.0kg, and DGA900 grinders, have rubberised soft grip slim bodies with large switch lever and lock-off function conveniently placed. The side handle can be fitted on either side of the tool and a strong battery guard adds extra protection in tough environments. The push-button spindle lock can easily be operated with gloved hands. Vibration levels are low at just 7.5m/s² for surface grinding and 2.5m/s² for disc sanding.

The DGA700 and DGA900 are available as body only machines or supplied as complete with two 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries and twin port fast charger.  Makita has a comprehensive range of top quality grinding wheels and sanding discs to compliment the high performance of these new LXT Brushless grinders.

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