PRESS RELEASE: Makita Introduces New LXT Drywall Screwdriver, TEK Screwdriver Version And Pin Nailer

  • Screwdriver with lower maximum speed and increased torque
  • New TEK screwdriver version
  • Push drive technology minimises power consumption
  • New pin nailer takes 23 gauge, 15-35mm nails

Makita’s latest version of the popular 18v cordless drywall screwdriver runs up to an impressive maximum 2500rpm - lower than its predecessor -  but delivers greater driving torque from the innovative Brushless motor. A TEK screwdriver version is now available for the first time from Makita which is sure to appeal to cladding contractors.

The new Makita DFS250 LXT drywall screwdriver with ¼” hex drive shank will drive home 5mm drywall screws; 6mm self-drilling screws and 90mm x 4.5 coarse thread fixings. The specification includes variable speed control trigger; ergonomic soft grip with thumb and fore finger grip pads; belt clip and LED job light while the aluminium gear housing saves overall weight.

This new Makita drywall screwdriver features Push Drive Technology where, with the lock-on button engaged the motor will not rotate under no-load conditions, resulting in reduced overall power consumption. The drive will start rotating at full speed only when the screw is pressured on the board surface. The DFS250 has a one-touch bit locator and a silent clutch that cuts drive when the screw is home. Weighing just 1.8kg the Makita DFS250 is available either as a body only machine or with two 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries in a Makpac case.

The new Makita DFS251 machine is the TEK screw version, with offers all the attributes of the DFS250, and in addition will power a 6mm hex screw socket. TEK screws are the core fixings for cladding and panel walling systems.

The new Makita DPT353 LXT pin nailer takes 23 Gauge (0.6mm) size nails and can deliver 15, 18, 25, 30 and 35mm length nails. The magazine will hold 100 nails of each of these sizes.  The finished driving depth, that is, how deep below the surface the nail head finishes, or level if required, is adjusted by the simple rotary adjuster adjacent to the nose assembly. The anti dry-fire mechanism stops the nailer operating if the machine has run out of nails. The nose tip has been redesigned for better visibility enabling the operator to get a quick and easy view of the desired firing point on the work piece.

The DPT353 has a low reaction force mechanism which enables easier nailing of long pins. Makita recommends that a trigger safety lock should always be applied when the machine is not in use. With LED job light; soft grip handle; belt clip and battery fuel gauge the new Makita DPT353 LXT pin nailer will appeal to all installers and construction trades.  It is available with two 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries in a Makpac case, or as a body only machine, and replaces the DPT351 model.

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