PRESS RELEASE: Makita Introduces Compact But Powerful Steel Rod Cutter

  • Weighs just 4.0kg with battery
  • Cuts 25mm steel bar (rebar) and Threaded Stud Bar
  • AUTOMATIC TORQUE DRIVE TECHNOLOGY automatically adjusts cutting speed
  • Cuts close to give 3.5mm nib

Cutting steel bar to fabricate concrete reinforcement cages traditionally requires heavyweight machinery – hydraulic or electric tools that have heavy jaws that are cumbersome to handle and expensive investments. Makita already has battery operated rebar cutters in their range, but the latest Makita DSC250 18v Brushless LXT Steel Rod Cutter weighs just 4.0kg, with battery fitted, and the TCT blade will slice though 25mm steel bar to give a neat, fine finish to the cut.

Powered by the 18v Brushless motor, the 110mm TCT blade will run up to 2,200 rpm and the comfortable slim-line body grip and front grip make this the most easily manoeuvrable tool for rebar cutting. The forward side grip handle can be fitted in three positions for accurate machine control. The material guide block is made of highly visible, heavy-duty fluorescent material for accurate placement.  Dust covers protecting the motor airflow are removable for easy cleaning and a dust bag is provided to catch the cut chips from the TCT blade.

Cutting performance is further enhanced by the new Automatic Torque Drive Technology, ADT, which automatically changes the cutting speed according to the load condition for optimum blade speed performance.

The design of the blade drive means that when being used to cut steel bar already cast into concrete the cutting edge is very low and leaves just 3.5mm of material proud of the casting. The precise cut of the blade also makes this machine ideal for cutting threaded rods, allowing for a smooth nut mounting without debarring.

This lightweight but powerful rebar cutter will prove invaluable for the fast preparation in steel rebar fabrication shops and the attractive price will prove equally popular.

The Makita DSC250ZK cutter is supplied as a body only machine in hard Makpac case.

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