·         Two new M-Class extractors, with and without power take-off

·         Stainless steel tanks for wet and dry extraction

·         AC/DC extractor ideal for maintenance teams

Makita is adding two new, M-Class approved dust extraction vacuum units to its already extensive range as the campaign for improved dust management, especially on site and in the workshop, takes construction industry priority. In addition Makita has introduced a dual power extractor that can be powered by mains or battery and will be a very useful cleaner for maintenance teams.

The new Makita VC2201MXI/VC2211MX1 M class dust extractors bristle with innovative features. Powered by a 1,050 watt motor, available in either 110v or 240v mode, which delivers a quiet 22.0 kPa maximum suction with an air flow of 3.5 m³/min to pull material into the 22 litre stainless steel tank. These extractors feature a new automatic self-cleaning filter system achieved by two triple function filter units.  These are composed of a powder filter, damper and pre-filter which use a valve system to redirect airflow through each of the filters in turn to release the collected dust into the retainer. The audible air flow sensor bleeps a warning when the tank is full or the pipe is blocked. The Class M approval allows use with mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust, masonry, GRP and concrete.

Weighing just 16.3kg, and with a useful 5 metre power cord, a new design of chassis includes large bumpers to protect walls and cabinets from travel damage whilst the new castors have a lock to stop the extractor moving unintentionally during operation. The flat top body design allows stacking for space-saving storage. The 240v extractor has a power take-off connection to run a power tool directly linked to the extractor so the extractor automatically starts –up when the power tool is triggered.

The new Makita DVC861LZ L-class extractor is operated by both AC mains power and DC batteries, using the twin 18V battery system that is storming the construction and outdoor power tool market with its 36V performance. This will prove invaluable in a location where mains power is not available. The new dry material vacuum has a 1,050watt motor that will generate 24 kPa maximum, suction in mains mode, and a useful 9 kPa suction when powered by battery. Maximum airflow is 3.6 m³/min and 2.1 m³/min respectively. Rated for L class operations for plaster, china clay and mica materials. Suction into the 8 litre tank can be varied by the dial on the body front adjacent to the large On/Off switch. Commercial dust bags fit this machine and the filters are HEPA type.

If the batteries are in place and at the same time the mains cord is connected and power available, the mains power takes priority and an indicator lamp shows when AC power is operating. The useful storage box on the top of the machine, as well as the power cord can be removed.  A 2.5metres suction hose is provided together with long lance and roller collector head. Strong polymer bumpers protect property and the castors can be locked for stability.

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