PRESS RELEASE: JAAMA Launches Game-Changing App Delivering Huge Benefits To Fleet Managers And Drivers

Fleet innovation-focused Jaama has launched a game-changing smartphone app delivering benefits to fleet managers thanks to ‘auto-triggering’, as well as simplifying tasks for drivers.

Unlike other apps, ‘My Vehicle App’, developed by the leading fleet and asset management software company, not only provide drivers with information.

Critically, data/information uploaded by drivers via the app automatically updates Jaama’s multi award-winning Key2 asset management system. That in turn ‘auto triggers’ processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.

Current app functionality includes:

  • Your vehicle(s) - information on vehicle(s) currently allocated to an individual driver.
  • Update Distance - this option allows individual users to update their vehicle’s odometer reading daily; optionally personal miles can also be entered. Once entered the data automatically updates a driver’s record within Key2 activating automated processes if parameters are triggered.
  • Daily checks - like the ‘Update Distance’ page, the ‘Daily Checks’ page displays a driver’s currently selected allocated vehicle. It contains a scrollable list of vehicle internal, external and fluid inspection checks that must be performed daily prior to any journey. A ‘comments’ box appears for any notes to be entered alongside each check to indicate any rectification required. Once again the information automatically populates the vehicle/asset record within Key2 and triggers in-house rule sets and notification such service, maintenance and repair procedures.
  • Contact numbers and accident assistance information relating to: breakdown recovery, tyres and punctures, windscreen and glass and accidents/incidents. Information on each specialist provider and services provided is available at the touch of a button. Each page also contains a call button. Additionally, an employer’s duty of care statement is displayed.
  • Accidents page - as above, but vitally provides the option to upload photographs of the accident/incident and prompts drivers to capture the following information: date/time of accident/incident, accident/incident summary notes, date reported, type of claim and vehicle status. That information, as well as the photos, is automatically downloaded to Key2.


Development of the ‘My Vehicle App’ is part of Jaama’s more than £2 million a year investment in new features and Key2 enhancements that keeps the company at the cutting-edge of fleet management solutions.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “In an age of ever-increasing mobility and connectivity, ‘My Vehicle App’ was designed following extensive customer, technological and usability research. 

“Fleet management software is an exceptionally fast-moving world and it is essential that continual investment is made to continually make new functionality available to reflect the new ways of fleet operator and driver working.”

He continued: “Auto triggering of processes, such as daily odometer readings, ‘Daily Checks’ and accident/incident information, saves time and increases efficiency by streamlining operations which minimises off road times and reduces costs.

“Jaama’s ‘My Vehicle App’ also minimises administration for fleet managers by providing information to drivers on a ‘self-help’ basis, which is fast-becoming an essential requirement for fleet operators, and negates the need for further manual intervention.”

Furthermore, ‘My Vehicle App’ critically increases audit trail accuracy to meet duty of care regulations in respect of who is driving which vehicle, notably when multiple vehicles are available to different drivers. 

Mr Evans concluded: “It is Jaama’s belief that no other app provides the level of integration with a fleet and asset management software system. As a result, ‘My Vehicle App’ is industry-leading and delivers new levels of efficiency to fleets.”

  • ‘My Vehicle App’ is available from the App Store and can be deployed to Android and iOS devices.