We recently reported that construction output in Northern Ireland is predicted to have an annual average growth of 3% over the next five years, higher than the UK rate of 2.5% and YOUR business could have a part to play!

Join us at the HAE EHA Members’ Event being held on Thursday 10 March 2016 from 0830 hours at The Park Avenue Hotel, Belfast BT4 1PB to learn more about:-

  • Opportunities for SMEs to win Public Sector Contracts – Billy Black, DFP CPD Policy & Performance Division, Construction Procurement Policy 2
  • The ‘must have’ H&S and Environmental requirements to win more work – Billy Black
  • Promoting hire to construction – Stephen Kane, Chair of CIGNI and HAE SafeHire Member
  • How we’re addressing the skills shortage – Amanda Stephenson, CITB NI and HAE Future Hirers
  • Boost your business with SafeHire Certification – Jim Maccall, HAE SafeHire
  • How HAE EHA will support, protect, develop and promote your business – the HAE team

Purpose of Event:   

Today’s supply chain organisations have to be competitive and competent in what they do!   To succeed in winning new work and maintaining a good customer base you need strong relationships with suppliers, vendors and especially clients and customers.

This special event will provide information for supply chain planning, give best practice examples used by other organisations to drive success and will help in understanding the significance of supply chain, its quality and competence criteria and performance evaluation.

We’ll also look at our industry’s future and how the skills shortage and ageing workforce issues are being addressed.

AND there’s an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded hire professionals and potential clients!

Stay Strong in the Supply Chain – Thursday 10 March 2016

For more information click here or contact or call 0121 380 4619