PRESS RELEASE: ICFM Unveils New Website With Added Functionality

The ICFM (Institute of Car Fleet Management) has launched its new website - - reflecting its recently launched rebranding as well as new functionality, features and the ability for members to interact with the organisation more easily on a comprehensive range of issues.

Simultaneously, ICFM, which is dedicated to advancing the profession of car and light commercial fleet management through a range of externally endorsed qualifications, has announced a new ‘fast track’ initiative to enable members to achieve coveted Fellowship status.

Historically, explained ICFM director Peter Eldridge a disproportionate of interaction with members requiring information was conducted by telephone or e-mail.

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Mr Eldridge said: “Everything prospective members and existing members need to know about ICFM including: how to join, membership details and renewals, the calendar of training courses, access to training material is now available online. ICFM is largely run on a voluntary basis and the increased functionality will reduce the administration burden.

“What’s more, the website is now not just a repository of information, it is a completely interactive tool. New information about ICFM events and courses, as well as industry news can be posted on the website and it will directly link to ICFM’s social media channels - Twitter and LinkedIn - to maximise coverage.”

He added: “Overall the website is simpler to use with fewer tabs, but its design means that it is also smarter, more visually attractive and carries more information that is critical to members and reflects the new ICFM branding launched late last year.”

Meanwhile, previously ICFM members could only attain Fellowship status after achieving the advanced Diploma, a programme which takes about 18 months to complete.

However, now ICFM members who can provide evidence of their fleet management competence, achievements and application of skills and knowledge with successful outcomes can apply for the Fellowship.

ICFM has three levels of individual membership - Associate, Member and Fellow. Those considering joining at Associate level - employees with more than six months’ experience in any role associated with fleet administration, fleet management, fleet service support provision or employee mobility management or holders of the ICFM’s Introductory Certificate in Car Fleet Management are able to now provide further supporting information to become a Member or Fellow.

Mr Eldridge said: “There are many people working as fleet managers and in the supply side of the fleet industry that have built up a wealth of knowledge and skills over many years. Rather than continuing a ‘one size fits all’ approach, there is now flexibility for people with demonstrable fleet experience to climb the qualification ladder more rapidly and potentially achieve Member or Fellowship status without completing ICFM training programmes.

“We expect this move to encourage more fleet managers and people working across the fleet industry to join ICFM. While ICFM training programmes are designed to improve employees’ knowledge and skills and help them sustain a lengthy industry career, the organisation is also about those with vast fleet knowledge becoming more involved and passing on their experience. We believe the new approach will achieve that ambition.

“ICFM’s qualifications and recognition are viewed as the de facto stamp of approval for employees with fleet responsibility whether as full-time professional fleet managers or as part of an HR, finance or procurement role or working in the supply side of the industry.”