PRESS RELEASE: ICFM Launches Corporate Investor Programme To Raise Fleet Professionalism And Overcome Skills Shortage

ICFM has launched a new Corporate Investor Programme designed to further raise the standards of fleet industry professionals and overcome a skills and knowledge shortage inside many employers.

Designed to appeal to employers that provide a wide-range of products and services to fleets, the new initiative is in addition to ICFM’s long-established three levels of individual membership.

The Corporate Investor Programme is designed to further boost ICFM membership from the current almost 800 people with the aspiration to break through the 1,000 barrier and beyond.

Additionally, said chairman Paul Hollick: “Businesses are asking to become involved with ICFM. They do not want to leave individuals with the responsibility to get themselves trained and involved with ICFM.

“The new Corporate Investor Programme enables directors and senior managers to engage with ICFM and then ensure staff join a personal development programme delivered by ICFM.

“Already, many businesses have acknowledged a skills shortage in terms of the fleet management knowledge of their employees. Historically, ICFM has only provided training to individuals working in fleet management that have contacted the organisation. It can often take a special kind of person to acknowledge that they require additional training in the job they are employed to do.

“By launching the Corporate Investor Programme, ICFM is saying to organisations that it can provide training to all employees whose workload touches on fleet management. Those employees could have their feet in any corporate department and spend varying amounts of time on fleet-related issues.”

ICFM is targeting all businesses operating in the fleet industry with its Corporate Investor Programme ranging from contract hire and leasing companies to daily rental operators and franchised dealers and motor manufacturers to fast-fits and risk management providers.

Mr Hollick added: “Businesses that have contacted ICFM have acknowledged that they are frequently asking employees to perform a role in which they have limited experience and little knowledge. While employers can deliver soft skills they frequently do not have the resources to fully develop staff to their full potential.

“Businesses that’s are selling products and services to fleets need to ensure all their customer-facing staff understand how company car and van fleets function.”

Training for individuals with fleet management responsibility is at three levels linked to experience: Associate, Member and Fellow with 12 months’ membership costing £60, £70 and £80 respectively. That gives access to ICFM training courses that are available at three distinct levels: Introductory Certificate in Fleet Management; Certificate in Fleet Management; and Diploma in Fleet Management.

The new Corporate Investor Programme provides employers with four levels of membership tailored to employee numbers and specific employer requirements:

  • Affiliate Investor - for businesses that have no immediate requirement for staff engagement as members of ICFM, but recognise the benefits of association. A range of added value benefits are available, including the ability to prominently display ICFM membership and attend and participate in the organisation’s events including the annual Conference as well as seminars so as to understand key industry issues. Affiliate Investor membership is £1,000 for 12 months.
  • Corporate Investor - targeted at businesses employing 10-50 people engaged in fleet-related activity. The benefits are similar to that for Affiliate Investors. Corporate membership is available in blocks of 10 at £50 per employee with a minimum charge of £500 for 12 months membership.
  • Tailored Corporate Investor - targeted at businesses employing more than 50 people engaged in fleet-related activity. The cost is bespoke to individual organisations based on the number of employees to be included. The benefits are similar to that for Affiliate Investors.
  • Tailored Corporate Investor Plus - provides an increased level of support to Tailored Corporate Investor membership via a consultancy service geared to analysing, assessing and accrediting organisation’s internal training processes and procedures specifically involving the fleet operation. ICFM will work in tandem with an employer’s own internal trainers and offer those individuals Associate Member status at no additional cost. The cost is on application.

Mr Hollick said: “By joining ICFM’s Corporate Investor Programme, we hope that businesses will clearly see the value for money benefits of membership and the training available and then enrol their employees in the various courses.

“Investment in ICFM adds credibility and value to businesses and their employees and provides an invaluable network of contacts and benefits.”