PRESS RELEASE: How can reliable, efficient and safe hire and rental equipment benefit the oil and gas industry during tough economic times?

Many companies within the oil and gas industry are heavily reliant on the support of rental equipment providers to fulfil their contracts. Whilst the market is experiencing such volatility and oil prices continue to fall, the environment is particularly competitive.

Strong, well-established suppliers with the right capabilities can prove invaluable during challenging times. The hire and rental business exists because there is a need for reliable, efficient and cost-effective products and services that increase productivity and revenue.

Hiring in the plant, machinery and tools that you require provides companies with numerous options, they’re not limited to the resources that they have within their business. Also the rental companies do all the hard work, from researching the best product for the job in hand, carrying out risk assessments and safety checks to testing equipment and going through the procurement process.

Hiring makes sense for keeping capital expenditure costs down and offers companies operational flexibility. It is especially important for oil and gas companies to choose a hire company that has been Safe-Hire certificated, as this ensures suppliers have the knowledge and experience to provide the best equipment, whether it is during commissioning/decommissioning, operations, planned maintenance, or in times of emergency.

Taking the time to build good relationshipswill ultimately pay dividends. I would advise communicating with hirers as early in the planning cycle as possible, asking for advice
and ensuring they understand what is required. They will provide the level of support you need, they will want to work with you on a long-term basis – in the end your success is their success.