PRESS RELEASE: HolidayMakers Give Calorex The Thumbs Up

Holidaymakers at a Spanish hotel resort are enjoying improved swimming conditions in the hotel’s indoor pool following the installation of a Calorex environmental control system.

The 125m² indoor swimming pool is a popular leisure facility at the Hotel Sun Palace Albir in Alicante. Heated to 32°C, the pool has an adjacent whirlpool with bubble zone and water jets, which is heated to 35°C.

The specialist Delta 10 unit was installed earlier this year and is cleverly maintaining the humidity and air heating within the pool hall, as well heating the pool water as an almost free by-product of the recovery of heat from the dehumidification process.

Miguel Gutiérrez of Pirec/Pirolevante, one of Calorex’s official distributors in Spain, explains: “The owners of the hotel approached us at our stand at Piscina & Wellness trade exhibition in Barcelona as they were having problems with condensation and controlling the air humidity and temperature of the swimming pool.”

“At that time, the water was being heated by a gas boiler and electric heaters, and the atmosphere was being maintained by a conventional ventilation system, which was leading to problems with condensation – making it an uncomfortable environment for the swimmers.”

Pirec worked with the hotel owners to come up with an economical and reliable solution for the humidity, air and water temperature control problems that would also reduce the operating cost of heating the pool water. A Calorex Delta 10 was specified.

In contrast to most buildings, indoor swimming pools constantly evaporate large volumes of moisture into the space around them. Unless this moisture is removed, humidity will rise creating an uncomfortable environment and structural damage. Totally self-controlling, the Calorex Delta removes this moisture and recovers energy from it, which is then re-used to assist water and air heating. By utilising this method, a heat cycle is created and energy costs are kept to a minimum.

Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex heat pump consumes, it will convert three times this amount to usable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation methods, cost savings of over 50% are achievable while corresponding CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced by up to 70%.

Miguel adds: “The compact unit and the configuration options meant that we could easily adapt the new Delta to the existent ducted system without any major changes. The unit has been working flawlessly ever since.”

Designed and manufactured in the UK under ISO9001 compliance, the Calorex Delta is the ultimate environmental control system with PLC control with a range of models available to suit pools of every size.

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