PRESS RELEASE: Hire Station Go With The X-ECO

Hire Station, the tool hire company within the VP plc Group have made a significant investment in the X-ECO LED lighting towers manufactured by the expanding construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, Trime UK Limited.

An invitation to several lighting tower suppliers to our by-annual ‘innovation day’ held at Hire Station’s Birmingham branch was issued by Hire Station’s procurement team. During the day each of the supplier’s products and associated services was extensively scrutinised by senior Hire Station personnel. After field testing against comparable machines, Hire Station decided to specify the Trime X-ECO LED lighting tower and supported this with an initial order to fulfil this season’s requirement.

“At first we were a little cautious about entering the LED lighting tower market, and wanted to determine how receptive our clients were to the LED units that were available, “explained Paul Smith, Hire Station’s Procurement Manager. “To meet demand, we opted to re-hire conventional metal halide lighting sets, until LED units had evolved sufficiently to provide a satisfactory and futureproof solution.” added Paul.

“The growing utilisation in this sector and the development in LED technology have given us the confidence to invest further in this area.  Although Trime are a relatively new company in the UK, it is obvious that the team are highly experienced in this market which has helped give us the confidence to select them as our preferred supplier of this product group.” concluded Paul.

Hire Station were impressed with the X-ECO’s compact, energy saving properties. Trime engineers have calculated that the X-ECO uses approximately £336.00 less in fuel each month, when compared to many lighting sets currently available. These savings equate to a reduction in C02 output by around 888kg per month. Hire Station were also keen on the fact that up to  thirteen X-ECO’s can be loaded on one single truck which, potentially, means an increase in their delivery vehicle fleet utilisation.

The lights will be delivered in full Hire Station branding and the company will target both the construction and events markets with the new X-ECO LEDs, throughout the UK.

Trime is a new company with significant knowledge of the lighting tower market comprising of a team that collectively encompasses over 50 years of experience in developing and marketing environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the rental industry. The Trime manufacturing plant is based in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, near Milan and Trime UK is situated in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Hire Station operate a nationwide network of branches, supplying a wide range of tools and equipment to a variety of markets.