Press Release: HAE EHA First Designated National Hire Week

HAE EHA is proud to announce the first designated National Hire Week commencing on 4th February  and invite you to get involved to highlight the important role the industry plays in the UK economy.

Hire has been underpinning the nation’s infrastructure and construction projects, both big and small, for decades. We need to keep shouting this from the rooftops and National Hire Week has been designed for you to do that even more loudly!

Companies and members of HAE EHA who choose to get involved in National Hire Week will not only benefit from promoting their services, equipment and employment opportunities but will also be playing a part in painting a positive picture deserved of our industry which is key to supporting millions of jobs.

To make the week a success HAE asks you to take part in this drive to raise public awareness of what the industry does. It can be through activities like career fairs, social media – let’s get trending with #NationalHireWeek – a company open day to attract new customers and journalists or any project that promotes the best of Hire.   

We hope everyone rallies around to celebrate this event, which incidentally coincides with the Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry (6th -7th February) – a perfect combination.

If you need help formulating your strategy for National Hire Week click on or call 0121 380 4605. To book a stand or to register as a visitor at the Executive Hire Show go to