PRESS RELEASE: HAE EHA announce �100,000 fund to boost apprentices in the hire industry

The Hire Association Europe (HAE) and Event Hire Association (EHA) has today announced the launch of a major scheme that will see hire companies incentivised to take on apprentices. Recognising small businesses face additional cost pressures when recruiting new staff, and in particular apprentices in their first year, HAE EHA is offering companies an opportunity to play a part in developing the hire skills of the future. By making a fund of £100,000 available, from the associations’ budget, to their membership they’re hoping that more apprenticeships will be created.

This new £100,000 fund provides enough support for up to 60 apprentices; allowing for an hourly increase in wages in year one from the government’s recommended £3.30 to at least £4.12, representing a top up of £1,500 per apprentice. This makes it a competitive choice in comparison to other training and employment options. It is hoped that HAE EHA will help smaller businesses to make the leap and take on an apprentice who will add value to their organisation.

Eligible businesses will need to be SafeHire certificated; in HAE membership for at least one year and have an annual turnover of less than £1 million. Other conditions apply, such as the need for the chosen apprenticeship scheme to be recognised and lead to an NVQ; only one apprentice per business will be eligible for the HAE EHA funding and funding is only available for the first year.

Graham Arundell, HAE EHA Managing Director said; “With the apprenticeship levy looming and almost weekly pronouncements on how business needs to create more apprenticeships, it is vital that HAE EHA supports our membership. By making the £100,000 fund available we’re demonstrating our commitment to helping small businesses take up the challenge. The HAE EHA fund will boost the attractiveness of hire for the employee and help meet extra costs for the employer. It’s a win, win situation for all concerned.”

For more information about how to apply for funding and full conditions please contact Richard Whiting, HAE EHA by emailing: .