PRESS RELEASE: Generac V20 Lights Darker Nights

The new Generac V20 tower light has been launched this year to celebrate the company’s long-standing reputation as the leading lighting tower manufacturer since 1997. 

This latest mobile lighting tower from Generac UK blends sleek, contemporary Italian design with powerful performance, and robust structure. 

The gull-winged doors, not only give this lighting tower an iconic and exclusive look but are practical, giving solidity and complete 360 access to the engine for easy maintenance, whilst the back door provides access to the control panel, safely located away from high voltage components. 

As one of the quietest lighting towers on the market, with just 58 db(A) at 7-metres noise level, the Generac V20 can offer up to 167 hours of operation by harnessing fuel efficiency from the Kubota engine and instant 4 x 300W LED lamp heads. 

The GTL-01 control panel which has been exclusively designed by Generac, and includes proprietary software, allows operators to work the lighting tower and lamp heads from a single smart switch and download performance information in multiple languages. 

Andy Thompson,  Sales and Major Accounts Manager said : “The new V20 was designed by engineers who have worked in the field and understand the importance of how the product operates and functions in varying climates and onsite environments. 

“It is this considered design which enables the V20 to be suited to a range of applications from events to construction and this versatility is also matched by its unrivalled ease of use and maintenance for onsite engineers and operatives.” 

The V20 is the latest addition to the growing Generac Tower Light product portfolio which already includes the LED CUBE+ and a range of Hybrid models. The company based in Milton Keynes offers a complete power portfolio for a variety of sectors including hire, construction, rail and events.