PRESS RELEASE: Generac Mobile Products Delivers A New Frontier In Controllable Mobile Lighting

Generac Tower Light has launched the market’s first dimmable and ultra-thin external mobile disk light as it continues to lead and redefine mobile lighting solutions.

The new products are focused on understanding the importance of light in assisting productivity and supporting Health and Safety with anti-glare lamp heads and portable tower.

Available on road tow or on a trolley platform, the Generac Tower Light MT1-UFO model provides an impact resistant and robust entry level lighting tower suitable for rail and infrastructure projects.

Launching this September, the curved opal cover of the MT1-UFO creates a thin and strengthened disk which provides total 360? strong, but soft light, powered by 400W LED lamp heads incorporating a unique passive cooling system.

The passive cooling technology creates a maintenance-free lamp head due to an aluminium element which dissipates the heat.

The lamp head provides two solutions in one with complete 360? light and the ability to tilt to provide directional light. The MT1-UFO was designed with safety in mind and offers a safe alternative to balloon lights or temporary onsite soft lights.

The MT1 Yanmar engine delivers performance for up to 34 hours of operation at full capacity and provides light up to 25m. The lights are dimmable from 1 to 100%, without compromising on quality, making it suitable for track and road side maintenance in busy urban areas or on high traffic flow road networks as there is no glare produced.

Andy Thompson, Sales and Major Accounts Manager: “As LED technology now enters into the mainstream for the hire market, the next frontier in lighting is control.

“Dimmer technology has been around for years but combined with our ultra-thin, robust LED lamp head it allows operators to fully control the amount of light they emit. Mobile lighting towers can now be controlled and energy savings are only the start of the potential benefits as controllable lighting promises to create safer working conditions both on the track and road side.”

The launch of the MT1-UFO this autumn is further accompanied by an evolution of the LT3 trolley light- a third generation of this popular mobile light solution.

The ergonomic and easy to use manual system of the Link T3 ensures that the 6m rotating mast can be easily deployed and positioned, while the 150W crisp and instant LED lights provide strong visibility.

It is equipped with stabilisers, double access lockable doors for storage of tools, and safety lock-in pin which makes this a versatile, safe and secure portable tower.

The Link T3 model also includes an updated control panel and is available with an astronomical digital timer for start/stop functionality and a darkness sensor which allows teams to arrive safely on site with light already provided thus allowing them to start work immediately.

Both MT1 UFO and Link T3 models can be ‘daisy chained’ to provide good fuel efficiency and lighting in confined areas such as tunnels. The MT1 UFO model with 32A socket and plug, can link up to 12 machines powered from Mains supply.

Andy continues: “These new products offer the latest in lighting and operational technology at a cost-effective price point when compared to traditional lighting towers.

“This year we have segmented our ranges into three clearly defined product tiers: Hybrid, Mobile and Stationary. The tiers feature models that offer hirers and end users the ease to specify the best solution for their needs.”

The new tower lights are available now from Generac Mobile Products and our team are happy to demo across the UK and in Europe.