PRESS RELEASE: GAP Innovative Products Are Truly Ground Breaking

GAP Hire Solutions, the UK’s largest independent equipment hirer, has added Trench Boxes to its fleet of Non-Mechanical Plant.

Trench Boxes are used for the rapid shoring of trench runs, providing a quick and easy solution to ensure ground stability. The innovative products also help to mimimise the excavation area, avoiding damage to neighbouring structures and utilities in the ground.

Available nationwide, GAP now offers the following for hire:

  • Mini and Maxi Drag Boxes
  • Backhoe Boxes
  • Light Boxes
  • Standard Boxes
  • Manhole Boxes
  • Manhole Backhoe Boxes
  • Manhole Shutters

Adding these new products to the fleet shows GAP’s continued commitment to making market-leading investment in new equipment year-on-year.

GAP’s Non-Mechanical Southern Operations Manager Vicky Hesson said: “This is a positive move into Trenching and Shoring and further demonstrates to our customers that GAP can be a single point of contact for equipment hire in the construction industry.

“In preparation for the new products arriving at our depots, staff have been trained in the handling, selling, assembly and installation of Trench Boxes. They are now ready for hire from any one of GAP’s Non-Mechanical Plant depots which are strategically placed across the UK.”

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