PRESS RELEASE: Future Hirers Holds Its First Open Day

Future Hirers is proving its worth in building relationships between potential employees, hire employers and job centre advisers. As part of this initiative, HAE EHA and Alide Hire Services Ltd recently held an Open Day in Bristol. Aimed at 18-30 year olds, Future Hirers is centred on heightening awareness of hire opportunities but also the value of work placements to gain experience of what hire has to offer.

HAE EHA wants to share some of the feedback from the Open Day as follows:

Richard Smale, Employment Adviser at the Bedminster Jobcentre said; “The day was very informative and hands-on. I was impressed by the number and variety of different job roles that Alide have available. I also gained a lot of knowledge about the hire sector in general.”

Anne Nock, a health and disability employer adviser based in Bristol added: “I will be sharing this information with colleagues in and around the Bristol area and working with Alide to fill work experience opportunities and to support their future recruitment activities.”

One of the jobseekers attending the Open Day said; “The Open Day showed me what hire involves and the jobs within the industry…I would recommend it to others.”

Debbie Garner from HAE EHA, who manages the Future Hirers programme commented; “This was our first Open Day and it was very much about hands-on experience of what hire is about. The opportunities are wide-ranging and span customer service to IT, financial and logistics. We are grateful to Alide for their support and for hosting the event. We want to do more Open Days with other HAE EHA members.”

Various DWP officials, jobseekers and HAE EHA team members had a go at using hired equipment.

For more information please contact Debbie Garner at or on 44 (0)121 380 4607.