PRESS RELEASE: Falls From Height Continue To Fall

FOR any organisation that has people’s safety at the top of its agenda, the news is encouraging. Compared with the previous year, fatal falls from height for 2016/17 are down by 32 percent from 37 to 25, according to the latest provisional figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

However, with an average of over two fatalities a month leaving behind devastated family, friends and colleagues, these work-related deaths are entirely preventable says the Ladder Association, the industry body that advances safety and good practice in the work at height sector across the UK.

Significantly, at 25, falls from height are only second to ‘struck by moving vehicle’ in the HSE’s league table, representing 18 percent of the total number of fatalities by accident type:

  • Struck by moving vehicle: 31
  • Falls from height: 25
  • Struck by moving object: 20
  • Trapped through collapsing/overturning: 10
  • Contact with moving machinery: 8
  • Contact with electricity: 8

Comments Chair of the Association, Martin Brooke: “Trade and industry associations, like the Ladder Association, have a crucial role to play in helping to reduce these preventable deaths through the development of standards and guidance and the delivery of industry knowledge and training.”

“We must never forget that these are not simply numbers, but people whose lives have been cut short. There is no room for complacency. Safety costs, but with fines for breaking health and safety rules increasing, accidents cost a lot more… for everybody!”