PRESS RELEASE: Expansion for Iconic Generac V20 range

This season Generac Tower Light® expands its V20 Tower Light® range to incorporate three new compact and highly efficient mobile lighting towers to help the customers make sustainable choices in onsite lighting.

These latest products have been developed as the company visions and brings to market an expansive range focused on technical innovation and greater connectivity between the product and the user, as well as ultra-efficient performance.

The V20’s proven success in global markets, with several thousand units sold across Central Europe and the UK, coupled with its compact size and modular design frame, made it the ideal standard for Generac Tower Light® to base the next generation range of LED lighting.

New products for the 2018 season include the all-new and intelligent iQ20 as well as the V20 Hyper and V20 Hybrid models.

The iQ20 will fulfil the needs of the lighting sector whilst delivering a cost-effective intelligent model with a telemetric system developed in conjunction with Trackunit®.

It is designed to do exactly what a mobile lighting tower should do but with Trackunit® provides complete fleet visibility and connectivity for users to evaluate performance, consumption and usage patterns.

It is equipped with an 8m hydraulic mast, low consumption single cylinder diesel engine and four high-efficiency 320W LED floodlights.

The brand new V20 Hyper, is equipped with unique Generac Omnia LED Technology® and is the first lighting tower of its kind to provide agile lighting options with up to three different types of lighting functionality on one machine.

V20 Hyper can deliver 180° front lighting for maximum light coverage with directional beam; 360° illumination for total light and guarantees the absence of shadows; as well as deliver a comprehensive anti-glare lighting system for use in urban environments and on track and road side.

The V20 Hybrid, which will be introduced to several customers in 2018, offers a next generation hybrid lighting tower, harnessing the power of Li-Ion storage batteries and a run time of up to 40 hours on the battery.

All new products feature the GTL01 digital controller, designed exclusively by Generac Mobile Products® for specific application on lighting towers, delivering greater control and ease of use.

The software on the GTL01 controller also enables ‘add-on’ applications making the models highly flexible to meet the needs of the operator, today and tomorrow.

Alessandro Rossi, Managing Director Generac Tower Light said: “Customers are much more aware and discerning as the need for new control and performance technologies such as Li-Ion batteries, hybrid power systems and LED lighting are largely being driven by advances in the building and home automation sectors, and alongside the automotive industries.

“Mobile lighting towers by their nature must be robust, dependable and easy to use. But we believe through technology, onsite operators can enjoy greater control, connectivity and smart use to improve the long-term versatility and lighting tower performance, whilst reducing OPEX costs for hirers and operators.”

The V20 range of lighting towers are available from Generac Tower Light® across the globe and will offer the hire, construction and rail sector complete choice and the assurance of quality.