PRESS RELEASE: Eves Range of Bridge Systems Spans New Length

Eve has invested in new modular trench crossings that provide customers with a system that can be rapidly deployed across any terrain. The specially engineered range of Trench Crossings have been designed to Eurocode Load Model 3 and come complete with their Design Certificate. Constructed from galvanised steel, the crossings can withstand loads up to 80 tonnes.

Head of Product Integration for Eve, Carl Rumney commented, “The new Trench Crossings are really versatile, they come in four and six metre spans and can be adapted to different widths in increments of two metres as the sections easily connect together via the base plates. We can offer customers an expert installation service, although the system is that simple to use it can be easily installed by themselves.”

Carl continued, “Also, what makes them such a great solution for customers is that they can be quickly installed, aesthetically look great and can be used straight away. The units are supplied with handrails, kerbs, feature a factory applied, anti-skid surface and have brackets which allow debris screens, branding, solid panels or mesh panels to be attached.”